Artificial Turf

Everyone wants a lush green lawn that looks great throughout the year. Unfortunately, such lawns require a lot of time, effort, and money to maintain, especially in hot and dry regions where water supply is limited. At Atlas Pavers, Co, we always encourage our clients to consider artificial grass instead of real grass. We have successfully installed artificial grass lawns in San Ramon, Redwood City, San Pablo, San Leandro, and San Jose.

A number of our clients in San Mateo, Seattle, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Sunnyvale have also replaced their traditional lawns with artificial grass turf and find it to be a more practical option. We have carried out several installations and know the process like the back of our hand. Our team will make sure the installation is handled expertly and that the space looks great.

Facts About Artificial Turf

People hesitate to install artificial grass because they want their lawns to look natural. In the past, artificial grass looked artificial and it was easy to tell the grass was fake. However, artificial grass manufacturing technology and design has improved over the years and modern synthetic turf looks very natural. Here are some of the biggest advantages of this turf:

  • Low Maintenance – Synthetic turf requires very little maintenance. You don’t need to water it, mow it, reseed the lawn, apply pesticides or fertilizers, etc. Once installed, the artificial turf only requires occasional cleaning and washing to stay looking good.
  • Long Lasting – Most synthetic turf products come with warranties and are designed to last for a long time. Good quality turf can easily last for 10 to 15 years, especially if it’s maintained well.
  • Resilient – Artificial turf is very durable and resilient. You can let your children and pets run on it without worrying about any damage to the material. That’s one of the reasons why this turf is installed in children and pet play areas often.
  • Savings – Synthetic grass has a higher upfront cost, which can make some clients hesitate. But it also has low cost of ownership, which can lead to savings in the long run. While you might have to spend a little more money to purchase and install artificial turf, you will save hundreds of dollars every year because this surface doesn’t require much maintenance.

How do we Install Synthetic Turf?

  • We first prepare the ground to make sure it’s level and doesn’t have any sharp stones on it.
  • Our team then adds gravel to the surface and makes sure it’s tightly packed to provide a solid surface.
  • We then add edging to ensure the lawn has a defined shape and structure that fits in with the architecture.
  • The synthetic turf is rolled onto the prepared surface carefully. We make sure all the seams align well and check for gaps.
  • Once the synthetic turf is in place, we carefully nail it to the ground so it doesn’t move.

If you want to know more about our artificial turf installation services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Atlas Pavers, Co. You can use our contact us form or call us at (925) 852-7438.