Atlas Paver Showrooms

Walk All Over Us

Online photo galleries are great for learning about paver options but nothing compares to seeing pavers in their natural environment — under your feet. Visit our 7,000 square foot East Bay showroom and design space to take the next step.
Atlas Pavers 10 Year Anniversary

Backyard Pavers

Create a Sanctuary in Your Own Backyard

We don't just install pavers—we design and build outdoor living spaces. Whether you’ve been working hard on your vision board or just begun to imagine the possibilities, we have the expertise to transform any yard into your private paradise.
Atlas Pavers 10 Year Anniversary

Patio Pavers

Step Out Into Your Own World

Let your imagination come to life when you transform neglected deck, concrete or empty lawn into your favorite space in the home. A paver patio lets you enjoy your company and the scenery without leaving behind the comforts of home.
Atlas Pavers 10 Year Anniversary

Driveway Pavers

Your Destination—the Best Part of Every Trip

From the old world feel of cobblestones to sleek, modern patterns of contemporary architecture, Atlas creates unique, personalized driveways designed to match your home—and engineered to last a lifetime.
Atlas Pavers 10 Year Anniversary

Our Process

The Most Important Work Is Done Before a Shovel Hits the Ground

Creating a backyard paradise requires design, planning and workmanship. Atlas helps make your vision a reality by combining decades of expertise, dedicated project managers, skilled craftsmen and a proven path to customer satisfaction.
Atlas Pavers 10 Year Anniversary