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Belgard Master Craftsman

Master CraftsmanAtlas Pavers Co is your Bay Area authorized Belgard installation contractor with decades of experience. We strive for excellence in our work, partnerships, and materials. That’s how we attained the highest level of certification Belgard offers: Belgard Master Craftsman. We take pride in our work so our satisfied clients can take pride in their home — And we offer a lifetime guarantee on labor and materials for all of our Belgard paver installations.

Call us at (925) 852-7438 or schedule a design consultation and let our designers answer all your queries about our paver design and installation services.

Free Design Consultations with 3D RenderingFree Design Consultations with 3D Rendering

Taking on a new hardscaping project can be daunting. There are so many different colors, materials, styles, and patterns that it can be difficult to know which would be right for you. That’s why we include free design consultations and 3D plans for every project. We provide fully rendered 3D designs so you can be confident you’re making the right choice.


Pavers offer a durable, flexible option for any outdoor project. Whether you want to create a rustic feel or modern ambiance, we can use Belgard pavers colors and Belgard pavers patterns to manifest your vision.

Permeable PaversPermeable Pavers

Permeable Paver, which are also called permeable interlocking concrete pavers, directs rainwater, mimicking the way natural land absorbs water. The water can then be recycled or directed as needed. This benefits the homeowner, the community, and builders.

Porcelain PaversPorcelain Pavers

Belgard’s porcelain pavers are similar to indoor tiles, except they are thicker, more durable, and frost resistant. Although these pavers are great for any highly trafficked outdoor areas, they really shine when seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor aesthetics.


When working with an installation professional on your wall building project, the first thing you should discuss is whether this is a retaining wall or a freestanding wall. Retaining wall blocks use footings to help hold the wall in place and bter support the soil of a hill, slope, or large planter. Freestanding walls are generally shorter and are used to divide open spaces, adding visual interest to your landscaping project.


After settling on your paver type, colors, and designs, be sure to talk to us about accessories. Things like the rounded edges of bullnose coping to vast variety of Belgard edging options are the finishing touches complete your hardscaping project.

Atlas Pavers Co
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Rodney L.
Rodney L.
2019-08-21 12:23:42
We researched other companies and landed on Atlas Pavers to do our entire backyard paved. We spent a large sum of money on our project thinking it would...
Angie R.
Angie R.
2019-08-13 13:00:50
We thought the whole crew - and the work they did - was great! Carmen explained the information, process and did the scheduling. There was a crew that did...
Anon N.
Anon N.
2019-06-05 00:29:48
So happy with our new backyard and driveway! Our old yard and driveway was all cracked concrete with many uneven areas that when it rained would collect...
Rocky J.
Rocky J.
2019-05-18 17:09:33
Adding photos when my Pavers was installed since I've had others request photos of what they look like
Lara H.
Lara H.
2019-04-14 19:06:26
Atlas Pavers did an amazing job on our driveway. Though we know it's just a driveway, not the Sistine Chapel, we can't help but gaze at it in admiration....
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