Our No-Contact Safety Procedures

As California emerges from the Stay-At-Home order and business resumes, we understand that we are not getting back to normal.  We are going to have to define a new normal. That new normal includes increased awareness about risk and minimizing unnecessary human contact.

In order to protect both your family and ours, Atlas will strictly adhere to the following protocols:

No-Contact Appointments

Atlas offers no-contact appointments. We still need to visit the job site before we can provide an estimate, but our designers can conduct a site assessment while speaking to the homeowner over the phone.

No-Contact Service and Installations

  • Atlas employees will not enter your home.
  • All communication with Atlas is handled by phone, text or video conferencing. Please do not speak directly to our on site crew about the work being performed.  Your Project Manager is available if you have any concerns during your job.
  • Atlas will provide you daily photos with brief progress reports. We will also send you photos at the end of each phase of the job.
  • The site foreman will be our designated COVID-19 supervisor and in charge of enforcing these policies.
  • All Atlas employees will be screened daily prior to entering the job site.
  • All Atlas employees will wear N95 or better construction masks.
  • We will provide a hand washing station for employees. Employees returning from off the job site are required to wash their hands.
  • All trash and personal belonging are removed from job site every (we may leave some tools).
  • At the end of each day, we will disinfect all hard surfaces using hospital grade disinfectant; including gates, handles, handrails, doors, hoses and faucets.
  • We bring a Porta-Potty on site for every job.
  • Atlas will minimize interactions and maintain social distancing with all site visitors, including delivery workers, design professional and other project consultants, government agency representatives, including building and fire inspectors, and residents at residential construction sites.